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"I really enjoyed the course and feel like I got an understanding of what to look for in companies I may want to buy stocks in. Thanks so much for a great class. It made me think, and that is what a good instructor does."

− Zulma R.

"I had always been interested in financial investing but didn’t have any idea on where or how to begin. Amol took the time to go over the basics and then gave us scenarios that really helped ingrain the concepts. What’s really great is that his enthusiasm for the subject is infectious and his approach to teaching is simple and straightforward. I enjoyed every minute of it and learned a lot!"

− Delnaz B.

"Thanks so much!!! You really have a great gift! Thank you for your patience and willingness to explain things in detail. You have helped me understand in just a few hours on the phone, by your book suggestions, and class to understand investing principals that I have tried for years to wrap my head around and have been unable to comprehend. Worth every penny, nickel and dime!!!"

− Gena-Fae F.

"“Until sitting down with Amol, I really had no idea what went into evaluating an investment opportunity. He’s so patient and has the ability to break down complex ideas into understandable and useable concepts. In just three hours, he had provided the basics and the tools for me to look at a financial statement and make a sound decision on whether to buy stocks in a company. His passion has allowed me to take ownership of my financial future and it’s really a great feeling. After all my false starts, and trying to teach myself, it’s great to have a teacher to guide, answer questions and add the human element to personal investing.”"

− Josephine S.

"This course with Amol is the perfect first step towards understanding value investing. It's a terrific and incredibly worthwhile experience. Amol's style is very approachable and he addressed questions in a down to earth way. I really had no idea what went into evaluating an investment opportunity."

− Ian M.

"Amol helped tremendously. I had zero knowledge on the subject and Amol was willing to answer all of my questions and give extra help...I would definitely take another course with Amol. "

− Tamika R.

"I very much appreciate the extra time you spent with me. The weekly newsletters you send take dense Wall Street concepts and make them fun and readable. My financial IQ is on the rise! I will definitely recommend your course to anyone interested in expanding their financial knowledge and skills. "

− Bennett C.